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1) Find page number beside tool image on the cover page. Enter page number into blank field at the top of the page, click to search and the catalogue will open on that page.

2) Hover mouse cursor over the catalogue pages, Left click mouse to zoom in. Left click mouse again to zoom out.

3) To turn the page, click on the arrow to the right or left of the catalogue or go to the top of the page window to select the icon to flip turn right or left. To flip to the back page of the catalogue, select the icon indicating right page turn to the end . ( >I)

4) At the top of the catalogue window there are other icons which you can select for viewing a)Single page b) Bookmark a page c) Crop an item/page d) Print e) Search a page/tool f) Share a page or cropped page via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email or Pinterest g) You can also download and save a page.

5) To scroll through and view catalogue pages, select the 9 pin keypad icon at the top of the window to open up all the pages at the bottom of the window followed by clicking the page of interest.

6) Click on the 'X' at the top of the browser window to close/exit the browser window which will take you back to my "Tools for the Trades" website.

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