FLIP PAGE CATALOGUE - Clik on the link below :


1) Hover mouse cursor over tool image on the cover page. Click to select image and the catalogue will open on that page.

2) Hover mouse cursor over the catalogue pages, Left click mouse to zoom in. Right click mouse to zoom out.

3) Click left mouse button while cursor is on the catalogue page. Hold it down & drag the cursor left or right to turn the page.

4) Place mouse cursor over the tiny black rectangular link at the bottom of the catalogue page to select previous pages viewed.

5) Place mouse cursor over tiny black rectangular link at the top of the catalogue page to select a)Thumbnail images b) Bookmark a page c) Clip an item d) Search a page/tool e) Print f) Contents

6) Click on the 'X' to close/exit the browser window to exit back to my "Tools for the Trades" website.